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Raisins Soaked In Vodka For Arthritis.
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Many people are find that you can treat your arthritis pain is to use gin soaked raisins. you know that suffering from arthritis can be debilitating in finding a

Gin soaked raisins are what some people call a folk tail remedy for arthritis; however, many people have questioned this idea as to its origin and the reasoning


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Arthritis helpers useful information gin-soaked raisins for arthritis: what is the recipe? although there are several versions and variations of the gin-soaked



Gin arthritis benefits mom swears that gin soaked raisins helps her arthritis. if you want to drink hard liquor, choose gin over vodka


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One such non-traditional remedy for arthritis is gin-soaked raisins. some people may laugh at the thought of an arthritis patient eating raisins that have been

What is the raisin and vodka cure? the raisin and gin cure no hard, scientific evidence that gin-soaked golden raisins reduce the inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis.


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Hi grandma, i am a grandma also and just recently found your web site and love it. i am in the process of trying the soaked raisins as i have arthritis. twitter_logo